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    Materials technology


    Foamed Polypropylene (EPP)

    Foamed polypropylene is a kind of crystalline polypropylene/carbon dioxide composite material with excellent performance, which has become a new type of environmental protection and pressure resistant cache heat insulation material with rapid growth due to its unique and superior performance. EPP products have excellent seismic energy absorption performance, high recovery rate after deformation, good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat insulation, in addition, its light weight, can greatly reduce the weight of the articles. EPP is an environmentally friendly material, which can not only be recycled and reused, but also can be naturally degraded without causing white pollution. ?


    The main color of foamed polypropylene produced by our company are black, white, orange, grey and so on. The foaming rate is 5-60 times, and the foaming density range is 13g/ l-180 g/l.



    Product features

    • Energy absorption characteristicEPP products are easy to absorb kinetic energy, and they are widely used in the key components of automobile bumper energy processing system and other collision kinetic energy absorption components.

    • Resistance to continuous impactEPP products are subjected to multiple successive impacts, which can immediately restore the original shape without deformation after the impact energy is absorbed by them

    • Light featuresEPP products have extremely light weight and can be used in aircraft, automobile and other weight-saving components

    • Structural mechanical propertiesAlthough EPP is an elastic and soft material, its products have certain bearing capacity and can be applied in some fields of building materials.

    • Density variabilityEPP products with different densities can be made

    • Insulating propertiesBecause of the obturator structure of EPP, its products have excellent heat insulation performance.

    • Oil, water and chemical resistanceBecause of the chemical inertness of EPP, its products can be exposed to water, most oils and chemicals for a long time without being affected.

    • Durable featuresEPP products has excellent durability, such as anti uv exposure, physical damage, extreme temperature (0 ~ 100 ℃), wear and other harsh environment.

    • BuoyancyDue to the obturator structure of EPP, its products have excellent buoyancy for a long time, and even placed in salt water will not weaken its buoyancy at all.

    • Resilience and flexibilityEPP products have the ability of "memory" and can quickly recover their original shape after being bent and deformed

    • Acoustic propertiesEPP products have an efficient noise isolation function, especially in their specific frequency range. Noise reduction products can be made by adding other materials.

    • Retrievable characteristicEPP product is an "environmental protection product", easy to decompose and recycle.